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Configure Proxy Page with Portal and IWA

Question asked by mdlong on Sep 20, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by rdodonnell

We are attempting to configure a Proxy Page to allow some 3rd party developers the ability to access secure services in ArcGIS Enterprise.  Our Portal is open to the internet with our Web Adapter in the DMZ.  The Web Adapter is configured to authenticate with Active Directory (AD) using Integrated Windows Authentication.  We have a copy of our AD in the DMZ.  All map services are secure.


The proxy appears to be running correctly on IIS as the "ping" returns a valid response.

{ "Proxy Version": "1.1.2", "Configuration File": "OK", "Log File": "Not Exist/Readable"}

I believe that I have configure the proxy.config correctly to access the Map Service but I receive the following error when I attempt to test access with the following URL.


{  "error": {   "code": 499,   "message": "Token Required",   "details": []  } }

My proxy.config is below.

<ProxyConfig allowedReferers="*"
            <serverUrl url="https://<>/server/rest/services/Service_Design/MapServer"
            domain="<my domain is here>"
            username="<my username is in here, it is able to access the Portal>"
            password="<my password is here>"




Any ideas what I am missing here?