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Variable Buffer on Street Centerline

Question asked by Seidensticker on Sep 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2020 by slimboble

Hi all,


I have a street centerline file where all road segments have a functional class of Arterial (A), Collector (C), Local (L). I also have a point file of each intersection.


I would like to do a crash analysis using 150' buffers at each intersection. The trick is that the buffer I want is not just a uniform 150' buffer off the intersection point.  I want to buffer the centerlines for a specified length from the intersection point based on the functional class: A = 400', C = 250', L = 150'.


For example where an Arterial (A) intersects a Collector (C), I want a 150' buffer of a 400' line segment from the intersection point for the Arterial roadway and a 150' buffer of a 150' segment for the Local Roadway.  The image shows what I am trying to get at.


I'm thinking I need to first find a way to create a feature of lines generated with the specified length. That's where I'm stuck.Then it would be just a simple matter of buffering that result.


Anyone have any thoughts?