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Using Arcade expression to calculate Next ID and send to Survey123

Question asked by deleted-user-y4x_Wbc6LksS on Sep 19, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by PKlingman-esristaff

I have a webmap that displays existing curb ramp points intended for use on an iPad with the Collector app. The popups have a custom url to open Survey123 for the user to fill out an inspection for this curb ramp. However, if the user is inspecting a NEW curb ramp, they collect the point in collector and the popup displays what the asset id (UNITID) should be as the last UNITID value +1 by using an expression (code attached). I want to pass this expression to this possible?


In testing, the popup works correctly showing the ID if it exists, and calculates the next ID if it doesn't. (This does not work if there are multiple assets with no ID, since they would have the same ID, but this is an experiment)



UID Calc Expression {expression/expr7}

var exist_uid = $feature.UNITID


//grab the highest number asset id

var curbramps = Top(OrderBy((FeatureSetByName($map,'Curb Ramps', ['UNITID'], false)), 'UNITID DESC'), 1)


//calculate the last id+1

for (var cr in curbramps) 
var max_uid = Number(Right(cr.UNITID, 5))+1


//curb ramp is tagged as CR12345

var new_uid = Concatenate("CR", max_uid, '')


//if the unit id exists, pass the value. if not, pass the last value+1

iif(isEmpty($feature.UNITID), new_uid, $feature.UNITID)


Hyperlink to send ID to Survey123




Many thanks for your help!!!