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How is a DLL, or other files, added to an add in with Visual Studio?

Question asked by dastewart on Sep 19, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2019 by dastewart

I have a Visual Studio solution for an ArcGIS Pro add in that currently has three core projects:

1. The primary C# project, which references
2. A C++/CLI project, which references
3. A C++ project.


All projects are configured to place their output in a single shared bin folder. The properties on the references are set to copy local. The generated .esriAddinX zip file also appears there, but that file only contains the first two DLLs in its Install folder. How do I get Visual Studio to recognize the final dependency in the chain and insert that DLL into the add in?


Also in the future I will need to add data files to my add in. Ideally those also should be in the .esriAddinX file.