Trimble Antenna advice/recommendation

Discussion created by evtguy on Sep 19, 2019
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Shot in the dark but I'm hoping for some advice as I move forward with purchases. I'll be doing data collection in forests and under canopy. I have a GeoXh 6000 with the Floodlight option as my capture device and I'm electing to add an external antenna in order to avoid having my body potentially block any signal.


From what I have been able to gather, my choice comes down to the Tornado vs Zephyr Model 2 antenna. On paper, they seem to be identically spec'd: both are L1/L2 and SBAS capable. One person has already recommended the Zephyr Model 2 over the Tornado. Any thoughts?


Also- regarding the Zephyr Model 2...I will be buying used and I've seen two different model #s which I can't figure out why they both exist: 57970-00 vs 55970-00. I've seen many more 57970 so I'm assuming that was a later batch or...?