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trouble viewing Lidar in Web scene in RBG colour

Question asked by Hong.Yue_RPSAAP on Sep 18, 2019

HI All


I have a LiDAR dataset with RGB values which i can view in Arcgis Pro however i cannot get it to show RGB colours in the web scene. 


I have tried:

- using LAS, LASD data package

- Creating point cloud scene layer package. (RGB appears as one of the attributes you can include)

- sharing as web layer directly from arcgis pro.


In the web scene there is an option to use source color. but everything comes out black. 

when i query the points, there are no RGB value. 


it appears that the web scene supports lidar with RGB values as the display option is there but i can't seem to get the data from my computer into the web scene


any ideas?