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Lines Intersect, but cannot get a Point that intersects them?

Question asked by jameskennedy2265 on Sep 18, 2019
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Attached is a photo of my code, with the exception that it is having.


Essentially I have two lines. One line going through many, many smaller lines (thousands).

Some of the smaller lines I want to label.


So the first step in finding these lines is finding a character code, which I do and find them easily.


The second step is to get the intersecting point between the smaller line and the larger line.


I follow the examples and first I need to check if they intersect, so they do.


Then I try to get an IntersectingPoint and bam - it's null.


What am I doing wrong?


bool intersects = GeometryEngine.Instance.Intersects(featureXS.GetShape(), feature.GetShape()); // intersects = true

if (intersects == true) {
var IntersectingGeometryPoints = GeometryEngine.Instance.Intersection(featureXS.GetShape(), feature.GetShape()) as Multipoint;
MapPoint intPoint = IntersectingGeometryPoints.Points[0];

Polyline needOriginPointFromGeom = featureXS.GetShape() as Polyline;

for(int i = 0; i < needOriginPointFromGeom.PointCount; i++) {
if(needOriginPointFromGeom.Points[i] == intPoint) {
xsPoints.Add(new XsPoint((int)featureXS.GetObjectID(), cursorXSRow.FindField("XS_LETTER"), intPoint, needOriginPointFromGeom.Points[i-1]));