Error to instert CustomTextElement in Widget Print

Discussion created by pag1314_aytosantander on Sep 18, 2019
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Templates that the client will use have been created, which they want to include as print templates in the Widget Print offered by the Web App Builder for ArcGIS by default, following each and every one of the steps indicated in the ESRI tutorial:

Following the steps indicated in the tutorial, the templates have been created and the ExportMapWeb Tool has been exported as a geoprocessing service indicating a specific folder where our template designs are located; We have done the same with the option of obtaining information from design templates.

The function is generated successfully and the Widget takes us the templates created with the exception of the CustomText that we have defined in our Design Template Layout, which the idea is that the user in the advanced printing options of the widget can insert a text (comments) and that text appears in the final print.