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Icons from other projects not showing up in Pro Add-In Dialog

Question asked by david.lamartina_NCS on Sep 18, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2019 by svanesch-esristaff

We're building an Add-In (C#) whose buttons open up quite a few different dialogs. Some of these dialogs are instantiated directly from a view in the Add-In project, and others are instantiated from views that exist in other referenced projects. The icons in question all exist within a different project.


No matter the specific case, these icons are not showing up in the dialogs opened within the Add-In. Even so, they DO show up in the XAML editor. The only way we've been able to get icons to show up is to place them directly into an Images folder within the Add-In's project. This is fine in a couple of cases, but in general it doesn't work because we're using Dialogs that exist in our common / core set of projects. These dialogs and their respective icons work just fine in every other WPF application.


Is there some way around this issue, other than pulling all of those dialogs and their respective images into our Add-In's project's code? We're using the typical Source="pack://application:,,,/Assembly;component/path" referencing scheme in the Source attribute of the Image element in the XAML of these dialogs.