view oracle table on the  map

Discussion created by hussein.hammoud1990 on Sep 14, 2019

Hello all:

I have created a new connection to the oracle database from ArcGIS pro, there is a table named Incident in my oracle database, this table has two columns indicate the latitude and longitude where the incident happens.

what I want to do is viewing this table in the map according to its x and y data, I have tried the method add data: XY point data (in ArcGIS pro/ map tab/ layer group) which create a new feature class and I used to display the x, y data.


but if there is a new incident was added in the oracle database, I should repeat the same method to view the new incident on the map.


Is there another method that allows me to view these incidents on the map and if there is any new incident added in oracle database it will be displayed directly on the map.

please I need your help.