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Where can I download ArcGIS desktop for trial? Through your website, I was only redirected to ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by bmas478 on Sep 12, 2019
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I registered an account to avail a 21-day trial for ArcGIS Desktop. However,the website directs me always to ArcGIS Pro. So is ArcGIS Desktop incorporated within ArcGIS Pro?

I proceeded with the account and in logging-in, I accessed my 'Trial Downloads' and I can't find ArcGIS Desktop specifically. I went to the ArcGIS Pro installation. Upon installation, I placed my login details, but the prompt said I don't have the license to use ArcGIS Pro. I'm already confused at this point.


Is ArcGIS Desktop (latest version) a separate download from ArcGIS Pro? I already scoured the website and all I can find is that when I sign-up for the 21-day trial, it always directs me to the ArcGIS Pro page. Have I missed something?


Thank you.