Help with creating a complex buffer

Discussion created by dperkins276 on Mar 11, 2011
Hi All,

I need help creating a complex buffer for my map on edge effects. The map consist of fields with perimeter edges (like a road, or a forest line), and interior edges (like a hedgerow cutting into the field). I created these edges using the polyline function, so all edge files are polyline shapefiles.

My problem is I need to create a buffer for these two types of edge (Perimeter, and interior). For the interior edges the normal buffer function is fine, because I need to buffer both sides of the edge, since the edge is in the middle of the field. On the perimeter edges I need to create a negative buffer, because I do not need the outside of the edge to be bufferd, since it is irrelevant and will throw off my buffer area calculations.

Please help!

Thanks so much