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Is it possible to use the MIL2525 DictionaryStyle symbols within the JavaScript APIs?? (FeatureLayers, DynamicLayers)

Question asked by centerlinemapping on Sep 11, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2019 by norbert.thoden

We would like to use MIL2525 Military Symbol Styles in the JavaScript API 3.2x.  

Are these dictionaries supported in the JavaScript API?  We want to be able to change symbols in the application in real-time based on the data, so maybe every 2 seconds, check the data and code in the tables, and reapply symbols.  This way symbology doesn't have to be published and applied beforehand in a map service, but can be applied in the application dynamically.    


They seem to work in Runtime SDK and ArcPro but not sure if you could use them in JavaScript.


Military Symbology Styles | ArcGIS Solutions for Defense 


Thanks for any feedback, suggestions, and advice.