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Inconsistencies between web form and mobile app

Question asked by jkelly_5 on Sep 11, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2019 by emelineR

I am noticing inconsistencies in behaviors between the IOS survey123 app and the web form.

Here are 2 behaviors that I prefer the web form behavior.


1) When using pages, if a page (group) is not relevant the page will not be displayed or counted when using the web form, but will display a blank page when using the IOS app.


2) When submitting a survey the web form does not populate attribute values for fields that are not relevant, but attributes for non-relevant questions will be populated with default values when using the IOS app.  (At least in the case of date/time fields with a default to now).  I prefer that values for fields that are not relevant remain blank or null.


Why are the behaviors not kept consistant?  And are there plans to bring the behaviors back together (to be the same)?