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Survey123 from feature service: Default value not working

Question asked by adailey_slo on Sep 11, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2020 by greg.hacker1

My organization is currently configuring a survey, using Survey123 Connect, that is based on a feature service hosted in our Enterprise database.  We have been cleaning up the Excel form that was generated when we used the feature service to create the survey (fyi, we already created a version of the survey that worked perfectly, using ArcGIS Online rather than a feature service, so we know the survey settings should work. Now we just have to get it to work with our Enterprise database).  


Just about everything is working great, except the problem is that default answers (question type select_one) within a repeat are not working.  Why is this?  


We manually entered default values in the feature service within ArcCatalog and also checked that the defaults were entered correctly on the Excel spreadsheet.  Default values for the same type of question (select_one) are working fine in other parts of the survey, parts that are not in a repeat.  We also checked that the "name" in column B was correct.


Turns out that the default values within the repeat work when the name of the repeat is changed back to its more plain name, without the database prefix that was automatically added when the feature service generated the survey.  But if the database prefix is taken away, the data does not go into the table in the database.


Any ideas??