GeoEvent database views/spatial views for SQL

Discussion created by marshgis on Sep 10, 2019
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We are new to using ArcGIS Enterprise, due to the install of GeoEvent server and upgrading to 10.6.1 we moved to ArcGIS Enterprise and Portal.  We are still wrapping our heads around and trying to understand all the moving pieces.


All of our enterprise GIS features are managed / maintained in our SQL database, and we still publish map services to our hosting ArcGIS Server referencing that data.


With GeoEvent we are looking to publish a web application that will allow users to see where snow plows / sweepers have been.  In this case, a linear feature that will be symbolized by when a road was last treated (within the last hour, 1-6 hours ago, >6 hours…)

We have a write up workflow from a working example provided by a community in Ohio, in their workflow they have a Geoevent feature service that writes to their SQL server which allows them to build a series of database view / spatial views using the street line and the updated feature table from GeoEvent.


Now, with our federated / ArcGIS Enterpirse and with the managed database for our ArcGIS Enterprise setup on the hosting ArcGIS Server, how can we work with that?  Ideally, it would be nice to write to a table in our SQL server that would allow us to create views / spatial views between event feature and the street centerline, and then publish a street service symbolized by treatment time.


Are we missing an interface to the data store that would allow us to create views? Maybe the option to write to CSV, then set up a script to copy and append to a SQL table?


Or is there a way to register our SQL database so that GeoEvent can have that location as an option to write too?