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Why can't I use the field calculator in ArcGIS Pro to calculate Annotation ClassID's like I could in ArcMap?

Question asked by bmckenzieCoP on Sep 9, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2019 by bmckenzieCoP

I was always able to select rows of annotation objects in the attribute table or via the map in ArcMap and then use the field calculator to calculate them to be a different class based on their AnnotationClassID e.g.  AnnotationClassID = 2 for 'Labels', 3 for 'Signage' etc.


I cannot seem to do this in ArcGIS Pro even though the online help suggests that you can. It just puts the ClassID value as a number, not recognising it as the coded domain value and then it's only visible when the default class is turned on. It seems that bulk calculations just don't work.


Using ArcGIS Pro 2.3


Any help would be appreciated.


Update: I know that I can achieve the same result by selecting the objects in the table and then select the class from the drop-down in the Attribute Manager.