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Can't get layer to display on ArcGIS Enterprise Site Page webmap?

Question asked by flspat on Sep 10, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2020 by JEdstrom-esristaff

Hi All,


Here's the setup:


  • ArcGIS Server and Portal 10.7
    • Server is federated and designated as Hosting server
  • Enterprise SiteA with permission for GroupA
  • SiteA has PageA with permission for GroupA
    • SiteA PageA has a stock webmap layout item configured to use WebmapA
  • WebmapA is saved in Portal with permissions for GroupA
  • WebmapA has a LayerA from MapServiceA with permissions for GroupA
    • When I log into portal with UserA, I can navigate to, open and view WebmapA and LayerA
  • When I log into SiteA with UserA, I can access the site, navigate to PageA, WebMapA loads but LayerA does NOT
    • Network trace shows "Token Required" on REST endpoint for LayerA
  • When I log into SiteA with the portal admin account, webmap and layer display fine.


Seems like the whole point of having a webmap and services with permissions. Any ideas why it's not correctly applying the token or auth cookie?