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Import Attributes to Point from Underlying Polygon - Automation

Question asked by ajherhold on Sep 9, 2019
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I'm having a hard time with what should be a super simple process.


When adding points to a pre-existing feature class, I need to populate an already-existing field in that feature class with data from an intersecting polygon feature class.


Attribute Assistant has this function ("Intersecting Feature"), and it works great, but I need to be working in Pro. There doesn't seem to be a solution using Attribute Rules that replicates it.


Also, I do not want to export a new point feature class. I need to update the attributes of an existing points file on-the-fly (as new points are digitized, attribute info from the underlying polygon feature class automatically populates the point feature class field).


The values in the polygon feature class will all be unique numeric values.


I am open to scripting solutions, but I have never written Python code before.