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AppStudio 4 Local iOS Build White Screen

Question asked by mjk5000 on Sep 9, 2019
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I have upgraded to the latest AppStudio 4 and I can get my build and run using the AppStudio Player on my phone, and creating an ARM7 build and sideloading my android.  However, when performing a local build for iOS, the app builds without errors, but when sideloading it just goes straight to a white screen.  I thought it might my app itself, but I downloaded the latest survey123 template in appstudio, did the local iOS build, side loaded the app, and it starts then goes straight to a white screen.


I have created hundreds of these builds with this code on the previous version of AppStudio.  I have QT 5.12.3 with QT IFW 3.0.6.  I do notice however that when using the Advance Configuration Editor, I select the path of my QMake and hit continue and the screen just spins. 


Has anyone else tried a local make of the Survey 123 template for IOS and sideloaded?


Am I missing some step to setting up the development/build tools for the new version?  I would expect the make process itself to fail if i had set something up incorrectly?  I am unable to perform a cloud build in my company, but wondering if the cloud make would be successful.  However, i need to get the local build to work.


Please Advise