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App Studio(Configure survey123) ,Ios cloud build generation error

Question asked by SUMIT91JHA_DEV on Sep 9, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2019 by SUMIT91JHA_DEV

Hi App Studio For ArcGIS Team ,


I am developing an App Studio Enterprise App using Survey 123 Template (version 3.5) on latest app studio version(4.0) on macbook (10.14.5) with developer licence for app studio .

we seem to getting an error while generating ios device cloud build using app studio.This bug is coming every time ,earlier it was working fine with earlier app studio versions.Android Build generation seems to work fine.


I wanted to find if any help can be provided for same.


As per my understanding ,we are using app store provisioning profile and certificate ,but certificate password has some special characters, so is it possible that cloud build is not able to parse .p12 with special characters in it.


Any quick help or any workaround ,please suggest.




No /Users/appfactory/buildslaves/appfactory-salve-ios-1/current-ios-build/117474/output/intermediate/ios/buildLog.txt present

Bug while generating ios cloud build