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Hotkeys "Accelerators" issue in ArcPro

Question asked by on Sep 6, 2019

  Merging over to ArcPro and using version 2.4.1.  I've noticed that unlike ArcMap, we can't seem to keybind the INS, HOME, PGUP, DEL, END or PGDN keys anymore.  They work with combinations SHFT, CTRL, ALT, but not individually.  Is this a bug or is this designed now to be that way?


  I use have those bound in ArcMap to be my main control keys for easy panning and selecting (also using the SHFT, ALT, CTRL) for them, so really hope this is a bug and those keys can be reisussed as being able to be "Assigned" in the Accelerators.


  I've also encountered a problem going from ArcPro 2.4 to 2.4.1.  Seems now F-keys can still be assigned, but they won't save.  More on that here: 



  Hopefully both these will be fixed soon.  Hotkeys are very essential to what I do and having functionality with the F-keys and the INS, HOME, etc keys as single binds would cause a lot less stress on my fingers if I don't have to constantly use SHFT, CTRL, ALT for some of my most common binds I would like to set...