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How to obtain ArcGIS Pro license usage statistics from ArcGIS Online

Question asked by Andrew.Rudin@austintexas.gov_austin on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by Andrew.Rudin@austintexas.gov_austin

Is there a way through the ArcGIS API (or other tools) to grab detailed Named User ArcGIS Pro license usage statistics from ArcGIS Online?  The question I'm trying to answer is, "Out of all the users I've assigned a Pro license to, who's using them and who isn't?"  For example, John Smith's ArcGIS Pro was pulling a license from ArcGIS Online for 4 hours on August 26th, and then have that kind of daily detail going back 30, 60, 90 days.


I've seen that there is a generic chart of this information in ArcGIS Online if you go to Organization->Status->Apps, and then scroll to the bottom of the page to the "Usage of ArcGIS Pro by Org Members" chart. I'd like to extract this data and use it as a reference in my GIS user reports I'm compiling in Excel.


I've inspected the API reference and didn't see a way to grab the numbers.  The closest I found is the "Previsioned Listings property of users" which will show you what apps a user has been given a license for.  And even then you have to run this for every user in your Org and find out if they have a Pro license assigned.


I believe OpenLM has a new tool to do this in their July 2019 release, but I was curious if there is an out of the box way.