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Geoprocessing Widget

Question asked by gibbonsbr_CDMSmith on Sep 5, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2019 by ngoorman

We created a GP service to ouput records from a layer in a webmap in Portal and are using the GP widget to execute the service from a WAB application. 


There is also a filter widget in our application that is used to filter the layer used as input for the GP service. The first time the GP service is executed, the output honors the applied filters. But if the filters are updated and the GP service is re-executed, the layer does not update in the GP service and we get the same export as the first run. The only way to get the layer to update in the GP service is by manually selecting the data in the map with the selection tool in the GP widget, but this is too cumbersome to expect our users to do.


How can we get the input layer in the GP tool to update with the layer in the map?


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