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Calculating adjacent fishnet fields

Question asked by endlessdsire on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2019 by endlessdsire

Hello everyone,

I dont know where to ask this, it is related to arcmap and python.

I have a layer that it is a grid (i think it is called fishnet) and I have several fields (Represented with C in the diagram with some value). I have to calculate the adjacent fields of C ( N, NE , NO , O, E, SO ,S , SE ) and their value too.

How can archieve that?

I am pretty new using the tool and I want to know more or less the arctools that i have to use to get the values around the center.
There is another issue, sometimes not all the adjacent fields have value (I could be for example, NO or N are not available, but the rest of the other are).

Of course, every N, NE , NO , O, E, SO ,S , SE has their own value, and the logic that I have to apply is the following:
N = C(value) + N(value)
NE = C(value) + NE(Value)
SO = C(value) + SO (Value)

After that i have to only filter the values that have a certain range, so most likely not all the values that i will get are going to work.


I hope somebody can guide me on how to do this.

Thanks in advice