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Inbox bind::esri:parameters query syntax

Question asked by greg.hacker1 on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2019 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff

Hello all (James Tedrick)


I have a question about bind::esri:parameters query syntax.  Is there a way to query from more than one field with an OR operator?  Background below...


My organization does environmental testing for various diseases. To do this, I have created a complex set of forms with nested repeats that all submit to the same feature service.  There are a set of forms that submit test result data for surveys that were already submitted by field workers.  We have a couple of different laboratories that will use separate forms to submit test result data by editing already submitted data using the inbox.  However, I am trying to have the test result forms pull only relevant data given the diseases that were selected to be tested and the labs that are submitting the data (our labs test for different diseases).


For example, there are 6 diseases for which we test, but for a particular form I may only want to pull data for diseases 1 and 2.  The form used by the field workers has a Disease field that is selected by a select_multiple question, which is then parsed into separate hidden questions (e.g., disease1, disease2, disease3, etc.) for querying.


How do I set up a query in the bind::esri:parameter column to pull data from more than one column or category?  When I have something like query="disease1='disease1'" it works like a charm.  However, when I try and add another part to the query using an OR operator I get an error code.  For example, query="disease1='disease1' OR disease2='disease2'" doesn't work (I get a 400 error code when attempting to refresh the inbox).


Any help would be appreciated.