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ArcGIS Pro Nibble tool problem

Question asked by on Sep 5, 2019
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I have a wawe intensity raster with gaps (NoData), and I want to Nibble the NoData pixels from neighbouring pixel values (wawe intensity values) in ArcGIS Pro, using a separate sea water mask covering the NoData areas (pixels in dark blue). The two raster are 32 bits floating point rasters and have identical raster statistics, extents and projection. In addition all the required env. variables seems to be correctly defined. The Nibble tools performs well without any error messages. BUT the output is a raster with values from -3.4 to +3.4. The same problem occurs when I use the Focal Statistics tool... same problems with integer rasters, Nibble output 0-255. The floating output raster has the same size 2.8 GB, so there are some data in there.. I have also built new pyramids and calculated raster statistics without any improvements..


Any ideas why this is so, and how to solve this problem? 

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