Smart Editor Copy Feature Generalise Polygon

Discussion created by Leonard.Olyott_qgsp on Sep 3, 2019

I have a workflow where I want web editors to select fairly complex polygons (regional ecosystems) and paste them into a different feature layer. What happens is that the selected polygons seem to lose vertices even in the highlighted selection on screen and then the pasted features are very generalised. At first I thought this was the number of features so I went down to only selecting a few. I also tried zooming in to a single feature with multiple features selected but this was inconsistent with some geometry being maintained and others becoming generalised. The regional ecosystem layer is hosted in ArcGIS Online as is the feature layer I am copying to. I have optimised both layers and rebuilt the spatial index.


It does seem that if I zoom to maximum zoom scale and select that I get a better geometry match.

Is there something in the select component of Smart Editor that is simplifying the geometry and how could I fix this?