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How to modify network dataset source (road lines)

Question asked by klauwroc on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by klauwroc

While working on a multimodal network dataset, I've been facing a problem with the modification of the source lines - once the ND is created, they cannot be modified. The only way I know to edit them is to remove the ND, make the modifications and then recreate the ND, which takes a long time (my network dataset has 12 attributes and 4 travel modes, which in this case must be recreated manually). I work in SDE, so as far as I'm aware I can't dettach/reattach the source to avoid removing the whole ND.


Is there any trick that would let me either save the settings (template?) of a network dataset (so that I don't have to create the attributes + travel modes manually each time I want to modify the source) or avoid removing it each time?