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Popup settings on original map are not applying to the storymap.

Question asked by dschiffer121 on Aug 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2020 by plan-et

I have a map I have created with multiple layers, one of them being a roads layer. I only need the labels, so I set the lines to transparent, as I usually do in Pro. I disable popups for the roads layer, which applies correctly to the map. When I go to the Story Map, the popups are still enabled. I have done everything from creating an entirely new map and starting over on the Story Map, but the issue keeps occurring. I also noticed that the drawing orders aren't applying. This issue wouldn't be a huge deal, but the popups keep putting the roads layer first in the popup, even though it is last in drawing order. The only somewhat acceptable thing I've done now is to just enable popups but remove all attributes, so atleast it is a blank popup that the user can scroll to the next relevant page. I have redone everything multiple times, so I believe this is a bug. I also noticed other settings will... unapply?... after the Story Map has been open for a decent amount of time. By this, I mean for the first 10 minutes all of the roads will be transparent, as intended, then randomly it will give the roads a white color and remove transparency. That is a secondary issue, though.