Seeking help w/ Grid Theme and Pages with Survey 123

Discussion created by DaveThompson101 on Aug 30, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2020 by mbrueningesi

Who has had luck with the grid theme, and possibly even grid theme and survey123 pages  I've played around with the sample provided, but can't seem to make this work for my form - and it would really benefit from gridding some of the questions.


A couple of thoughts/observations/issues:

  • It doesn't appear that the likert appearance works with with the grid style.  Though not a deal-breaker, this is inconvenient because likert is a style I use to center my yes/no question/answers.  
  • I can't get the grid style and pages to work together. What happens is when I go to page two, the survey is able to scroll up to page one.  Seems to be a bug.  Doesn't act like the sample provided.
  • I really wish we could do the grid theme for only certain sections of the form.  My form is multiple pages long (in real life, on paper) and the grid theme only suits some of the sections of it.  
  • I think there should be an enhancement that allows you to configure a minimal width of screen... and thus if someone is using the form on the phone, you could be able to scroll the form over.  That way your grid configurations stick no matter what device is being used.  It's almost impossible to know what devices will be used for the form I'm created once we deliver it to the client


I'd love to hear about any other tips or tricks using the grid style, especially if its with pages too.  


And also sorta on this topic... I really need indexed-repeat() functionality in S123.  It's actually one of the things that led me to try out the grid style.  But with the limitations listed above, I'm really just back to needing the indexed-repeat function and being able to pull info out of the repeat in order to display in a custom results table; an HTML table in a hint field.  This way the user can see what they've entered in the repeats.  For this instance in particular, what tree specimens they have already collected info on. 


Thanks everyone!


EDIT - Quick edit/update to this already... apparently you can still take advantage of putting fields side by side without using the grid theme.  Just use the "w[number]" setting in the appearance.  This is very good news for me and my form!  But still want to know more about grid and pages and definitely indexed-repeat!