Reclassify by Quantils, Slice (Equal Area)

Discussion created by katze01 on Mar 10, 2011
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I want to classify a raster into 5 classes so that each class has the same count of cells.

I tried Symbology/Classify/Quantils, Spatial Analyst -> Reclass-> Reclassify (Quantils) and as a third option Spatial Analyst-> Reclass-> Slice (Equal Areas). The result is always the same. The 5 classes have similar counts, but not equal counts. Each of the 3 methods leads to the same result (in numbers):

Original Range of values:

Break Values

Result of Reclassification:

VALUE    Count
1           3066521
2           2805701
3           2892320
4           2704418
5           2618351

Why aren't the counts equal?