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Raster to Geodatabase turns Raster into Polygon

Question asked by bbellavance_Marana on Aug 30, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2019 by LBranscomb-esristaff

I have a raster (.tif) on a hard drive that I have tried to (on multiple computers) import into a File Geodatabase and Personal Geodatabase. The tool will run and has been taking 6-8 hours every time. The tool runs successfully, but when I add the raster into a map document, it is just a polygon not a raster. I'm not sure why this is happening and I have tried many avenues to importing this raster into a GDB (Import from Catalog, Export from Pro and Map, Copy Raster) but nothing seems to produce a result other than this mysterious polygon.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!