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we have an AGS 10.6.1 for RHEL (not Enterprise - no Portal) that has recently been migrated to a new server environment.

There are two servers set up in a single site using a NetApp NAS device for shared server directories and server configuration. 


The admins have recently executed performance test in the new ArcGIS environment and observed many errors in the server log, some examples below. Majority of the errors are related to timeout exception. It seems there are timeouts due to AGS waiting for locks to get released; however before release of lock, timeout occurred and transaction error-ed out.


During load testing simulating many concurrent users, the Linux admins have reported "massive amount of locks being taken on /ArcGisProd1/arcgisserver1061/config-store/.site/site-key.dat.lock"


Questions from the admins are –

 Is the ArcGIS Server application natively performing locks even for read transactions ?

  1. Locks in the tune of ~5000 sounds alarming or it is usual ?
  2. Are there any application level parameters that are related to locking which can be modified ? or it is primarily driven through OS level parameters ?
  3. Below are some of the ArcGIS articles that has reference to disable OpLocks. Have you heard issues with OpLocks causing problem for ArcGIS application ?




Appreciate if you could shed some lights on above questions.


As GIS administrators, this is outside any experience we have seen before.

The response we have given so far is:

"As you have seen in the Esri articles, our recommendation is to disable Opportunistic locking when using a shared file server for configuration files.

The reason is that there is a significant chance that the “waiting” instance will send lock break requests to the file share very frequently and this will disrupt the synchronisation between the file server nodes.

 I believe the reason there are many locks applied is that every read requests does attempt to set a lock, this is not a configuration that can be changed in the ArcGIS Server application.

 So – disabling oplocks on the Samba share is the recommendation."


but it seems they have disabled opLocks and they are still seeing the issues.


Any ideas from the gurus?


David Hoy