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Survey123 relevancy calculation won't calculate if hidden

Question asked by mamulderLA on Aug 30, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2019 by dougbrowning

Hello all, 


I recently came across this issue that if a question or group is hidden based on a dependency and you have a calculation that looks at this field, the calculation will not act properly.

   In this scenario I have a tally for work orders for a different set of rooms, if the unit does not have a certain type of room it won't show this group, however a summary table still needs to look at the total work orders for that room if it's chosen. When the room is not chosen in recent time it has left the summary table blank, not calculating anything. 

     My work around for this has been to remove the calculation from the group, without relevancy clause and just keep it compact. Were any updates made to survey123 schema that would have altered this? It seems like a new bug