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Sharing Survey123 form data between data collectors / Syncing

Question asked by on Aug 29, 2019
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Hi All,


When multiple users are collecting data, is there a way to view, on a single mobile device (not portal / Arc), the location for all of the users survey location? 


Ideally there was a way to load all the surveys on to each device and view all the records on the map, the location of each survey. 


I know this can be done in Arc / Portal but there isn't a way that I know of you can avoid duplicating survey locations without looking at screen shots of Arc or Paper maps drawn onto. 


I know Survey123 stores the data on the phone in folders but I'm not sure 

      1) how to export that to a spreadsheet, hopefully with XY data

      2) If you can export it to a spreadsheet, how to re-import all of them to a device and have the device be able to see            the locations that were included in the spreadsheet/database


Is this possible currently?