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Robert's Identify Widget: No "useralias" in the last release?

Question asked by esri_bing on Aug 29, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2019 by esri_bing

Hi Robert

Thank you for this Identify widget. I downloaded the latest version 2.12. The unzipped files show 2/8/2019 timestamp. It works great.

However, there is no place to customize useralias,(See attached screen).

I worked around it by manually add my aliases in this file:


...{ "name": "General Plan", "url": "", "id": 27, "zoomscale": "", "forcescale": false, "fields": { "all": false, "field": [ { "name": "GP", "useralias": "General Plan", "alias": "GP" } ] }, "links": {} },


This is a minor thing. Just want to ask and see if I got the wrong version. I searched old posts and saw it mentioned here too. 


Thank you again Robert. Appreciate!