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arcade-based DictionarySymbolStyle

Question asked by norbert.thoden on Aug 29, 2019
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Since V100.6 the class DictionarySymbolStyle hat some deprecated member like

DictionarySymbolStyle(const QString& specificationType, QObject* parent = nullptr)

From the release:

Enhanced dictionary symbology

ArcGIS Runtime SDK now supports a new format of dictionary style file introduced by ArcGIS Pro version 2.4. This format uses Arcade for the logic to generate symbols and is therefore fully customizable. Use of the older format styles is supported but deprecated in this release. For more information about using custom dictionary symbols in ArcGIS Runtime, see the Display symbols from a style with a dictionary renderer topic in the developer guide. To create a custom dictionary style, refer to the Dictionary renderer toolkit project on GitHub


So i tried to adapt my code to avoid the depecated member.

At runtime i got an error like "not supported"


The stylx files shipped with V100.6 are identical to them of the V100.5 installer

I took a look at Military Symbology Styles | ArcGIS Solutions for Defense , but that page isn´t updated since a long time. For example, V100.5 is not mentioned...


So, how can i avoid the warnings and use the new arcade-based member?
Where are the arcade-base stylx for APP-6 and MIL2525?


Having a look into the example code on github led me to , but there is just one available :-(

Additonally i think, that a source for example code is more of less official, but not as much as Military Symbology Styles | ArcGIS Solutions for Defense ...


Can someone help