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Photo Quality Degraded in Survey

Question asked by bmarshall on Aug 28, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2019 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff

We have currently deployed several surveys created via Survey123 Connect that are being used by ~200 users in our ArcGIS Online organization and allow them to attach photos. Lately, we've been getting complaints of photos coming out blurry, and after checking, it appears the photos are being reduced in resolution and compressed. This is despite the photo size setting in Connect being set to "Unrestricted". 


We've tested taking photos directly in the S123 app vs. attaching photos taken through the default camera app. It appears attaching a photo rather than using the camera in the survey does produce better quality, but the photo is still reduced in size and quality from the original.


To illustrate the problem, attached are two images: a photo taken using my phone's camera app, and the same photo  after being attached to the survey.


To further complicate things, this issue isn't happening for everyone, and we're thinking the issue may be tied to what phone is being used. The majority of our users are using S123 with phones supplied by our organization (iPhone 6 or 7). However, my coworker and I both use Android Moto devices and my photos are being affected while hers are not. We haven't been able to find any settings that could be responsible for this difference.



We've just put a call in to Esri about this issue, but I figured I would ask here in case anyone else has run into it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!