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ArcGIS Pro Named User: Authorized Online not Active In Pro

Question asked by tyschwartz on Aug 27, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2019 by tyschwartz

I have ArcGIS Pro Standard (and 3D Analyst Extension) authorized by an Administrator online through the Organization portal.   Now all of a sudden the Named User License is not syncing with the permissions set online through (Organization > Licensing interface) and my license level is Basic with no extensions... 


I have double checked that my user account has the correct licenses activated (see screenshots) but seems that Pro is not activating them. This was working up until a few months ago.  Currently license has been stuck Basic and there is seemingly no way to activate Standard or 3D Analyst through the ArcGIS Online portal.


Furthermore, I also have this exact same issue on another account with a different organization (Advanced license, all extensions) which again, when logging into this account, Pro does not activate and remains at Basic license.  This was not the case up until a few months ago as well (its been a while since I logged into Pro with this account, but the last time I did, I had Advanced and all extensions activated).


Please advise (see screenshots attached). I am on ArcGIS Pro 2.4.1 and seems the issue could have begun with the last update but may not be related?


UPDATE: Uninstalling 2.4.1, installing 2.3 and then patching back up to 2.4.1 worked temporarily but the problem has returned.  This is not isolated to one account as I have logged in with a different organization/maintenance contract and have the same issue