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S-57 Display and Choosing Loaded ENCs

Question asked by nathan.murry_noaa on Aug 26, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2019 by MBharadwaj-esristaff

Good afternoon all:


I am running into a glitch of sorts with displaying S-57 ENC charts in ArcMap, but first a bit of background.  While I am experienced in ArcGIS, I have only recently begun using the Maritime Charting/Bathy extensions.  That said, I had no trouble setting up my Nautical environment.  Before deciding to post the following question, I have researched as much ESRI Help material online as I was able to find (including all the Charting/Bathy tutorial videos from Mrinmayee Bharadwaj and Bertrand Baud), and have been unable to find a solution.


1.  When I load a chart on my Maritime-enabled machine, the display looks like this (1:40,000, all layers except M_QUAL_A enabled):


However, when I load the same chart on another machine that only has the ESRI S-57 Viewer installed, it looks more like what I would expect, (also 1:40,000 with all layers except M_QUAL_A enabled):


I suspect this is a simple fix, but I am unsure how to proceed; I could use a shove in the right direction.  I am running ArcGIS, with the full Maritime Charting and Bathy extensions enabled.  I imported these charts using the 'Import S-57 to Geodatabase' tool, and displaying the NAUTICAL featureset.  My NIS is a FGDB using the the NAUTICAL_ENC_TEMPLATE_VXXXXXXXX_GX.XML for its schema.


2.  The S-57 Viewer allows me to explicitly choose which charts to load and display, (see second image above).  However, I see no such control when using the charting extension.  I can load charts into the NIS with the 'Import S-57...' tool, but I see no way to choose which charts to actually display on the map.


Thank you for your time.


--Nate Murry