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App Studio 4 beta build has the wrong app icon when published to App Store

Question asked by ceres.admin on Aug 26, 2019
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Ismael Chivite

Erwin Soekianto


I used to work with App Studio 3, and was successfully publishing customized apps based on Survey123 template to App Store.

Then I switched to App Studio beta version (4), because I needed an updated Survey123 template. And since then when I upload the build to App Store through XCode App Loader, the app icon is Survey123 original icon even though I changed it a while ago!


I tried to build in App Studio with Windows, Mac, with App Studio 3 and App Studio 4 - the result is that app created with App Studio 4 keeps the original Survey 123 icon! Everything except this works fine, the app itself is correct.


Do you have any thoughts or ideas why it is happening?