webgisdr fails trying to write data store backup

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We are not able to run webgisdr in our Enterprise ArcGIS 10.6.1 environment. We receive an error in the log that reports the Data Store is not happy with the SHARED_LOCATION path. It reports that it cannot write to the path. We have updated this path and the BACKUP_LOCATION path so that they are both local to the Data Store machine and we are referencing UNC paths with the proper escapes (\\\\server_name\\share).  #


We have three VMs that participate in the enterprise deployment. We have made sure that the service account that runs the NT service for the Data Store service has full NTFS permissions to the location. The AGS and Portal sites do complete successfully and are backed up but the files end up getting deleted from the temp directory and are never copied to the BACKUP_LOCATION, I imagine because the Data Store portions fails.


I need to get this working asap as the Portal logs are complaining because the transnational logs are greater than 5GB. Does anyone have any insight into solving this issue? Is it possible for me to just run the three backups (for each component - Data store, AGS and Portal) separately?


Thanks in advance for any help.

Best, Dixie.

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