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Network Analyst - error 030212, relating points to the network fails

Question asked by kalasek on Aug 22, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2019 by kalasek
background: I am seriously trying to switch over to "ArcGIS Pro" ... and I've been reading Solving routes to offset points in ArcGIS Network Analyst? My problem seems to be quite similar but it is related to ArcGIS Pro, where things generally seem to be a bit different.

I have done some tests on different kinds of network analyses (route, OD, service area). Each of them worked fine in ArcMap based on my datasets. In ArcGIS Pro just OD- and service area-analysis returned valid results based on the identical set of input data. When it came to ArcGIS Pro's "route solver" tool  (i.e. simple from point - to point routing) I've  got an error message 030212, which indicates that the start and/or end points couldn't be related to the network. The points are located in a distance from about 150m to valid network-elements!


Running "calculate locations" and increasing the "search tolerance" parameter in ArcGIS Pro didn't help at all (yes; I did run the add locations-commad with "use network location fields" parameter selected !), the snap parameter mentioned in the before mentioned article from 2013 seems to act quite different than it used to in 2013. I did tests search tolerance values up to 7500 ... but obviously the same set of input-data works fine in ArcMap's point to point routing - with the "route-layer properties / network locations / search tolerance" set to just 1000m - but doesn't work in ArcGIS Pro at all.


Additional information: The network is based on GTFS- and OSM-data and does transit network routing.


Question: Did anybody find a way to do point to point routing (called "route") in ArcGIS Pro with "search tolerance" set to values > 0 where start- and endpoints are located close to but not exactly at network elements ?


Additional question in that context: does anybody know how to restrict network entry points to specific types of network elements in ArcGIS Pro? In ArcMap it is parameterized via "route / layer properties / network locations / finding network locations / snap to" - settings ?