summing polygon areas

Discussion created by ekmoore on Mar 10, 2011
I am wondering if there is any way of automatically extracting and summing polygon areas from an attribute table?
To give a bit of background, I am trying to find the % area within a certain buffer zone from a number of points that is covered by certain vegetation type(s).
To begin with I had a shapefile containing the vegetation type information and a file of point data. I buffered the points and used this to clip the polygon layer, then in order to separate the areas, split the clipped area according to the names of the individual points they were related to.
    Now I have a separate attribute table for each buffer zone - containing a number of polygons of different vegetation types (type info is also in the table). Obviously I can copy the attribute table into excel, sum the areas I want work out what % this is...but I have several hundred points, so this isn't really feasible!
  Is there a shortcut way of doing this in ARCMAP?