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Config ArcGIS Earth startup view

Question asked by mathr_sdfe on Aug 22, 2019
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I am trying to configure the startup view of ArcGIS Earth, through config.xml, but it seems like the configuration is overuled by something else.



<!--Custom or History-->
<startupView value="Custom">
      <mapPoint x="9.5" y="56" z="5000000" wkid="4326"/>
      <heading value="0"/>
      <pitch value="0"/>
      <roll value="0"/>
<!--WebMercator or WGS84-->
<spatialReference value="WebMercator" />
<isShowInExternalBrowser value="False" />
<isShowStartupTips value="False" />


This should start up ArcGIS Earth in Denmark, but I keep starting up in the US?

Is there something I am missing?


Best regards