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Setting of specific views with a definite number of layers to be defined in advance

Question asked by piermar on Aug 22, 2019
Dear all,
I need some help as I could not find a solution on any guide or website.
I added to my Arcmap 10.7 about a hundred layers in shp coming from Qgis; these layers follow a specific order to set the right map definition and "dressing" and they are both map layers and thematic layers that add different information.
Now I need to create and save some layer combinations in order to have some "packages" that activate specific map basic layers plus some specific thematic layers with information.
On Qgis this process in possible thanks to the feature "Manage Map Theme": once you activate the layers that you want to "save", you just have to click on "add theme" to create a fixed combination of layers; every time you want to see that combination, you just have to click on the name of the saved view.
Is there the same possibility on Arcmap, or another way of obtaining the same result?
Thank you very much in advance, any help will be really appreciated as I need Arcgis for my job!