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Prevent overwriting existing repeats

Question asked by adailey_slo on Aug 21, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2019 by mbrueningesi

Hi there,

I'm developing a survey, using Survey123 Connect, that includes a few repeats.  The situation is that there will be one survey instance per location; the first person to visit that location would fill out part of the survey, and follow-up visitors would fill out other parts of the survey, mainly repeats; the portion of the survey entitled "Follow Up Visits" is a repeat.  This way, there can be any number of follow-up visits to the location, and each follow-up visit goes into its own instance of the repeat.


My question is: Is there any way of preventing or deterring users from accidentally overwriting an instance of a repeat that has been filled out by a previous user?  


The first person to do a follow-up visit will fill out the first instance of the repeat, which is already open in front of them when they open up the survey.  That's fine.  But the second person to do a follow-up visit will open up the survey and have that first repeat in front of them, and it will be very likely that they'd forget to scroll all the way down and hit the "+" icon to open up a new instance of the repeat.  I think it would be likely that they would accidentally add to the previous user's repeat instead. (Even my coworkers and I, the survey creators, have fallen into that trap when testing out the survey ourselves!)


I've done a lot of brainstorming and haven't come up with anything very good.  Here are some of my unsatisfactory ideas:

  • Put a question in the beginning of the repeat: "Is this a NEW follow-up visit?"  If user's answer is yes, then: "Scroll down and click the '+' to begin a new follow-up."  This wouldn't work because the user would see the same question at the top of the new repeat even after they click '+', over and over forever.
  • Move the '+' icon to the top of the repeat rather than keeping it at the bottom (my organization doesn't have the Developer Edition license that you need to get into the source code).
  • Format text with html to create some kind of large-font, red text blurb at beginning of repeat that says, "Are the questions below already filled out? If so, click the '+' to start a fresh follow-up!"  This could work but would be rather tacky.

Thanks for reading!