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add xy coordinates to toolbar

Question asked by Mark_S_B on Aug 22, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2019 by Majdoleen

Hi all


With the ability to use graphic draw tools (point, line, polygons) and create the objects to use in a query such as those in this example: 


How would I customise this so as to be able to enter x,y coordinates manually to create an object such as a  point, line or polygon and then buffer this?


I have a simple create a point object and zoom to it taking in user entered x,y coordinates using the following:


        on(dom.byId("btnFindCoordinates"), "click", function() {
          var x = dom.byId("xCoord").value;
          var y = dom.byId("yCoord").value;
          var coordPoint = new Point(x,y);
          prjParams.geometries = [coordPoint];
          map.centerAndZoom(coordPoint, 11);
 Graphic(coordPoint, markerSymbol));



But not sure how I would add this into the example above, any hints welcome.


Thanks and best,