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add xy coordinates to toolbar

Question asked by Mark_S_B on Aug 22, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2019 by Mark_S_B

Hi all


With the ability to use graphic draw tools (point, line, polygons) and create the objects to use in a query such as those in this example: 


How would I customise this so as to be able to enter x,y coordinates manually to create an object such as a  point, line or polygon and then buffer this?


I have a simple create a point object and zoom to it taking in user entered x,y coordinates using the following:


        on(dom.byId("btnFindCoordinates"), "click", function() {
          var x = dom.byId("xCoord").value;
          var y = dom.byId("yCoord").value;
          var coordPoint = new Point(x,y);
          prjParams.geometries = [coordPoint];
          map.centerAndZoom(coordPoint, 11);
 Graphic(coordPoint, markerSymbol));



But not sure how I would add this into the example above, any hints welcome.


Thanks and best,