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Can you combine selection by attribute and location?

Question asked by nomisc on Aug 21, 2019
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I want to find a simple way to locate all those features with a specific attribute (e.g. a unique identifier - UID) that do not fall completely within the bounds of a group of features on another layer, with the same UID. As part of the mapping process we create thousands of individual features, each depicting individual elements of a site. On a separate layer, we have polygons representing all those features with the same UID, describing the site at a higher level. Sometimes, due to operator error, features are created that do not fall inside their relevant polygon and I'm trying to find a simple way to locate these. It' easy enough to find those that don't fall within any polygon, but since some overlap, they may fall within a polygon, but not the right one.

The attached drawing shows two features (selected with orange) that extend beyond the bounds of the monument polygon (red)